Mazi News

thessuniIn April 2015 we began a collaboration with Nethood and partners from around Europe on an EU application for research funding from CAPS – Horizon2020.

DruckMazi begins in January 2016 with a kick off meeting in Volos Greece. Representatives from all partners have two days of meetings to describe respective projects and agree on a program of activity to start.

sarataporoThis followed by a field trip to just south of the Olympus mountains where village 2 village network developments are linking neighborhoods with high speed wireless networks and where improved interconnection and broadband access have been transformative.

Wake up!

Welcome to Slacktivist, this basic WordPress has been installed to replace some static HTML as we just had a nasty shock. Our primary webserver hosting for and it’s subscriber web domains, has experienced a total data and disc failure!  That web server will require a wholesale reconstruction and depends on the successful resurrection of lost data from backups – eeek.

Apologies to all effected we are hopeful of a full recovery, please be patient.

As part of a recovery process we have established an account at TSOhost from where we will rebuild primary web hosting of domains we control from and – done, you are here! – testing for future migration and subdomains bak, bit, dek, own, nrg, oh hell loads hosts the mailing list – list is now working again hasn’t worked since the last catastrophe was the reseller account on the failed edison server

a long list of subscriber domains is also being resurrected are right in the thick of their current project Wrecked our difficulties have forced them to migrate out to another webhost. and