Something of a gap between reports here is a consequence of project conclusions and the twist of fresh activity gaining momentum.

The catalogue of active, sidelined and recently concluded work stretches out over a 5 year block which culminated at this financial year end in April with exhibition of DDBC alongside the other five Collusion commissioned artist projects, on the square outside Cambridge Junction.

This month we will pen the first in a series of project development funding applications with CSM’s 3D staff, to explore Digital Markers – autonomous media repositories and community archives, that draw on the rich experiences of ; ‘Distributed Spaces‘ research and action in Sao Paulo, studio practice development with 3D students and the MaziZone EU consortium product.

Several threads of the Mazi pilot in Deptford Creekside continue to express the enthusiasm of local awareness and homespun enterprise. Aside from scandal of air pollution at record levels throughout the area, there is little awareness of other environmental conditions. We have been engulfed in an electrosmog of security, signalling, telecom and IOT microwave communications. SDRF is a small group working to innovate wideband RF mapping for the SE8 area to generate a foundation of data for the public record that monitors relative power and interference of use.

At the CDC slipway a temperature array already records the ebb and flow of the tidal creek. We seek an expansion of this installation to monitor the composition and contamination of the water sources and effect of the tidal cycle on aquatic and plant life. Using a low tech process of spectroscopy a stream of river water can be continually assessed using optical scanning and image matching.