Slacktivist ltd was established in 2004. It shelters project development and employs both directors on part time basis. SPC, Deckspace and OWN are the projects currently supported in 2015.

SPC is an un-constituted organisation with a membership who subscribe on monthly basis for project development, support and consultancy. Subscribers  utilise the shared resources at Deckspace and Bitspace in development of their personal work or collective practices.

Deckspace was opened at Borough Hall in 2001 a year on from the closing of Backspace, the proto cybercafe in London Bridge. It continues the commitment to loose learning, resource sharing and active engagement in local collaborative development.

OWN is the open wireless network most active in Deptford SE8. It offers public access to a user owned and operated broadband infrastructure, for local connection services and support. Participants meet at weekly Wireless Wednesday Workshops at Bitspace, also at Borough Hall in Greenwich.

Mazi begins in January 2016 which has been funded by the European Commission CAPS – Horison2020. It’s a Europe wide collaboration to produce a living toolkit , a Community Awareness Platform.