2018 holds much promise although started out with the shock withdrawl of access to SPC base and subscriber medialab Deckspace.¬† Health and safety concerns for this Royal Borough of Greenwich building has now forced it’s shutdown.


We began March away at the Collusion Commisions

must now also close so the search is on for the next move!

We began March away at the Collusion Commisions opening event in Cambridge on 2nd to introduce DDBC, then hosting a Mazi workshop at Datafest in Edinburgh on 19th. Mazi Monday meet-ups resume with contributors along Deptford Creek until July when Mazi project gather again for summer school in Volos Greece.

 Project collaborations continue to feature as we extend our support and development activities with 3D fine arts at Central St Martins and Favalas of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Interest in the Mazi toolkit grows at La Cambre in Brussels as the print department sets out plans for a Kinshasa student exchange and field trip at the end of year.

We anticipate a leading role in opening of HOLD a new social space in Pepys Estate SE8 but in the meantime will continue to offer PCL development support for it’s growing educational program and community action xCHANGE